Visiting Faculty

Visiting Faculty 



•       Sri Ravindra Penmatsa was Sr Vice President, Tech Mahindra, Now Founder-Acumentor

•       Dr  Satyakam Paul, Business Analytics Consultant

•       Prof. Abhijeet Ballurkar, Digital Marketing Consultant

•       Prof. Sundar Narasimhan,  Vice President-SCM-Neuland Laboratories

•       Prof. Hory Sankar Mukerjee,  Lead, Training & Education, Infosys



•       Dr. Pavan Gundepudi, CEO, DCiEra Pvt. Ltd.

•       Prof. Sundar Narasimhan, Vice President-SCM-Neuland Laboratories.

•       Prof. T. Gunaranjan, Co-promoter & Partner, Solaris Agrico, Hyderabad, India



•       Dr. Praveen B. Malla, Researcher at a Leading University in Europe.

•       Prof. Hory Shankar Mukerjee, Lead, Training & Education, Infosys, Hyderabad.

•       Prof. Vivek Turaga, Investment Manager.

•       Prof. Srinath Bhupalarao, Co-founder and Director, Ahana Group.

•       Prof. B. N. Trinadh, International Expert on Labour and Child Rights.

•       Prof. Revathi Turaga, International Trainer

•       Prof. Rajaram Natarajan, Senior Executive, IBM Global Process Services

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