Data Science Demystified

“Data Science Demystified”: Guest Talk by Dr.K.Dakshina Murthy

“Exploring and examining data from multiple disparate sources certainly provides competitive advantage in addressing a pressing business problem”, said Dr.Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru, President, International School of Engineering (INSOFE) and well known data consultant for the fortune 50 companies. Dr.Murthy addressed the MBA I year students of Hyderabad Business School, GITAM University, in the guest lecture on Data Science and application of Business Analytics. In his address, Dr.Murthy highlighted the emerging need for data consultants and discussed the practical difficulty being faced by business managers in understanding data and generating knowledge for solving complex business problems. The discussions included illustration of real time business scenarios including the severity faced by a pharmacy division at a hospital in identifying the required level of authorization to be identified before issuing a prescribed medicine, identifying likely buyers of a product, understanding consumer behavior patterns etc.

Students participated in the Q&A session and learned many insights regarding data science and understood how business analytics plays major role in the world of rapidly increasing volumes of data.

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