Transport Optimization Through Reverse Logistics

Posted by Mr.Fakhruddin Sheik, Lecturer,HBS,GITAM University

Transport optimisation is a concept which recommends the best practices and techniques which are of best use with the available transport capacity in the operations management. This concept aims at maximising vehicle fill and productive time at the same time minimising empty vehicle running. (more…)

Financial Engineering: A Career for Adventure Lovers!

Posted by Dr.R.Radhika, Assistant Professor,HBS,GITAM University

‘Financial engineering’ involves the design, the development and the implementation of innovative financial instruments. It also discusses the processes, and the formulation of creative solutions to problems in finance. Hence, the study of ‘Financial Engineering’ leads to creative financial solutions that may involve a new customized financial instrument or a new financial instruments or security. (more…)

Is Shared Leadership the answer to team Effectiveness?

Posted by Dr.Sunita Mehta, Assistant.Professor,HBS,GITAM University

The organizations of today are dealing with a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world making it difficult for them to rely on the competence and wisdom of individual leaders. The expertise of one person is not enough to deal with the complexity of the situations. The traditional models of leadership which put a single leader on a pedestal and look up to him for guidance, directions, decisions and support etc are no longer relevant. (more…)

One Accounting Language

Posted by Dr.M.Jayasree, Assistant.Professor,HBS,GITAM University

For quite a long time corporates were comfortable using local standards for reporting financial statements. This went well till commercial operations were within the borders. But ever since the WTO (World Trade Organization) came into existence, businesses are no longer confined to borders. The globe has now witnessed a sea change and corporates are now extending their business beyond borders. (more…)

Keep an eye on the environment – for succeeding in business

Posted by Prof.G.Jayanth, Adjunct.Professor,HBS,GITAM University

Companies today are operating in a business environment which is challenging and dynamic. The structure and growth drivers of a particular sector might have changed drastically within few years. For instance, 88% of companies which featured in the Fortune 500 list in 1955 do not feature in that list in 2014. They have either gone bankrupt, merged or exist but fallen out of that elite list. (more…)

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