Making the most of your human resources: Best Practices of Performance Management

Posted by Dr.S.Suman Babu,Asst.Professor,HBS,GITAM University

Performance management has become a significant field in the area of HR and most of the organizations call it as a HR strategy. The word performance management was coined in the year 1976. It was not considered as a distinct approach till mid-1980. This particular concept changed HRM significantly. Most of the organizations started using performance management as an accepted HRM practice. (more…)

Communicate Effectively with the Right Selection of Message

 Posted by Dr.DRP Chandra Sekhar, Asst.Professor, HBS, GITAM University

If we want to communicate effectively, we should take care of the different components of the communication process. In an organization, a manager has to be all the more careful about his/her communication, because obviously, the impact of communication from a responsible person will be more.

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